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About Me

I'm Teddy.

 I picked up a camera in high school and have been photographing women

professionally ever since. 

 I'm truly passionate about capturing images of women at different

times and moments in their lives,

seeing how she transforms in front of the camera and in the photograph.


You don't need to be “photogenic” or know how to pose.

It's my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera

and to pose you in ways that will create the best photographs you have seen of yourself.

Years of working with women of all ages lets me see each woman's individuality

the moment she steps into the studio. I see your good angles and know how to pose you

and use light in ways that bring out your unique beauty.  

I'll guide you through your entire photo shoot to make you feel and look amazing,

just as you are.  Your only job is to be there. 



I invite you to book a portrait session with me today.  

Contact Me

CDMX - Polanco

cel: +521  5554014619

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